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quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2014

One Of The Best Transportation Museums Ever Is Now On Google Streetview

The New York City Transit Museum is, hands down, one of the best transportation museums in the world. Okay, so there aren't any cars inside, but there is probably the most immaculate, most pristine, most beautiful subway car collection ever. And if you're not in New York, you can now tour it on Google Streetview.


The Transit Museum was actually built into a once-abandoned subway station, so when it was first constructed it was still connected to the rest of the system. Now that means the museum can keep a fully curated stock of vintage railcars on display, and roll others in and out as necessary.

Since it's the 110th anniversary of the New York City subway system, Google decided to celebrate the occasion in style, using modern technology to bring some amazing history to the masses.

But not only can you get a full view of the island platform in the museum:


You can also take a stroll down the subway cars themselves, and examine up-close everything from the exquisite wicker chairs outfitted inside a car from the early 1900s:


To the external riveting and olive-drab paint of cars that served in the 1940s:


To the inside of the cars that took people to the World's Fair back in the 1960s:


You can even get a solid look at all the complete bizarre ads from the past, which we've taken a look at before:

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I mean, who isn't asking about the necessity of babies dying in World War III while you're casually trying to get to work in the morning???

Go see the whole museum here. It's a great way to kill a slow Tuesday afternoon.
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