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terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2015

The National Museum of Contemporary History in Ljubljana opened its permanent exhibition called “Slovenians in the 20th Century” in 1996, after several years of professional preparation.

The Museum's basic mission is to acquire, document, preserve, research and promote materials related to contemporary Slovenian history. In addition to its exhibitions, the Museum also offers a variety of programmes for both children and adults. 

It carries out activities in the field of culture, education and research, collaborating with various institutions, and thus serves as a bridge between the general public and historical science. 

It connects the fates of 20th century Slovenian people and provides visitors with answers to questions about their own identity in modern times. The Museum also serves as a gathering place for groups of all kinds and as a place for dialogue and reflection. 

It not only answers questions, but it also raises questions and assists visitors in their search for answers, forming a type of partnership in which the Museum serves as a dynamic, innovative and welcoming establishment.

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The Museum’s Photo Library, which contains a large collection of photographs and negatives, was initially formed in 1952. Due to its efforts to expand its collection, and thanks to all the donations and partial purchases made, the Museum now holds more than 2,300,000 photos and negatives, the largest collection of photographs and negatives in Slovenia, and is a fundamental mediator of photographic material related to contemporary Slovenian history.

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