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terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2015

REGIONAL MUSEUM PRAGUE-EAST Brandýs nad Labem – Stará Boleslav, Czech Republic,

Our museum is located in the centre of Brandýs nad Labem – Stará Boleslav town and we are financed by the Central Bohemia Region. Our museum is a cultural institution with more than a hundred years of history. We collect, preserve and document objects that help us to learn more about the past of our region, and about its nature, covering the area of Brandýsko and Říčansko.

The Regional Museum Prague – East cares for the permanent expositions installed in four different facilities:

Arnoldin‘s House
The Executioner’s House of Brandýs
The Jenštejn Castle ruins

Memorial House of Josef Lada and his daughter Alena in Hrusice

We also hold various temporary exhibitions both for children and adults, lectures, performances and other events. We believe that every visitor of our museum should not only learn from the expositions but also enjoy the time spent. Through our website we inform the public about the archaeological research and other activities conducted by our museum. We are looking forward to your visit, and hope you will enjoy your stay with us.

Jenštejn Castle ruins

The Jenštejn Castle situated to the Southeast of Prague has become a popular destination of tours thanks to its easy accessibility and a picturesque look.

The ruins of Jenštejn, now a property of the Jenštejn municipality, were designated a cultural monument and it opened to public in 1977, after it had undergone an excessive reconstruction.

The Regional Museum of Prague-East prepared and installed a small exhibition at the site, dedicated to the constructional and historical development of the castle, including the results of the archaeological research, but also recent history and ethnography of the village. The round tower of the castle, dominating the flat landscape, serves as a lookout.

Castellan of the Jenštejn castle:

Memorial House of Josef Lada and his daughter Alena

Those who wish to visit the Memorial House, must head towards a small central bohemian village of Hrusice, not far from Prague. The house nr 115, today called the Lada’s Vila, can be found at the end of the village. Standing in front of the house, one can see a huge garden to the right, where two independent sculptures inspired by the painter’s works, to the left one can see the very forest where Josef Lada used to go mushroom picking.

Two huge lindens, planted in memory of two Josef Lada’s daughters, Alenka and Evička, guard the entrance to the garden. The building houses the exhibition focused on the life and work of Josef Lada and his daughter Alena Ladová.

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