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sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2016

We finally discovered Aristoteles' tomb in Stagira, the place where he was born! --- Αποστολη του PRESS724 στον ταφο του Αριστοτελη! --- Grande sensação causada pela revelação de que os arqueólogos encontraram o túmulo de Aristóteles em Stageira antiga!

Great sensation caused by the revelation that the archaeologists found the tomb of Aristotle in Ancient Stageira! The PRESS724 found the place where it has focused world interest on all sides of the globe and presents you with the help of archaeologist Kostas Sismanidis area, with typical images and videos!


Mr. Sismanidis during the presentation of the discovery of which has caused a global sensation stressed that conducting excavations at the site for 20 years, and for some time has gathered the necessary information lead to the conclusion that the point is the tomb of Aristotle .

Very fact that it had published both in scientific and in trade magazines.
In recent years, following a systematic Textbook study found indications militating under the same 99.9% that actually here transposing Aristotle ash, shortly after he died in Halkida.

These findings were presented in the presence of more than 250 aristoteliston from around the world, as part of the World Congress "Aristotle 2400 years", who studied with reverence the work of the most recognizable Greek philosopher and the most important figure according to MIT from the year 4000 BC and by 2000 AD. and admiration were the great discovery.

As said Costas Sismanidis, preparing a book which will report everything about the excavations in the area of ​​Stagira 1996

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