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Cultura e conhecimento são ingredientes essenciais para a sociedade.

A cultura é o único antídoto que existe contra a ausência de amor

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In Pará, Brazil, about a museum for every 173,000 inhabitants.

Chef Alex Atala withdraws from the competition for food center that can dislodge the Museum of the House of Windows 11

According to the photographer Rogério Assis, the museum's pouring is only part of a long process that seeks to exclude the poor from the center of Bethlehem

House of Eleven Windows in Bethlehem. Photo: Luiz Braga

In Pará, about a museum for every 173,000 inhabitants. According to research by Ibram (Brazilian Institute of Museums), the state has the second worst national average of museums per person, second only to Maranhao. This index can worsen with the removal of the Museum of Contemporary Art Space of the House of Eleven Windows, announced in a decree of the state government, on 17/6.

According to the statement, the museum will be moved to another room, so that the House of Eleven Windows houses the Polo Gastronomic Amazon. Ata Institute, owned by chef Alex Atala. It is one of the institutions that would run the administration of the gastronomic center. The official decision provoked opposite responses of different sectors of civil society. a public lecture was organized in which researchers and artists claimed that there is no guarantee that the museum will be relocated. On the last day 30, Alex Atala announced that decided to move away from the initiative, not condone "a project that values ​​the culinary culture of Pará displacing other expressions of art, as they had to address the House Museum of the Eleven Windows".

Built in the eighteenth century, the House of the Seven Windows is a colonial building that served as the residence of Mr. Domingos da Costa mill Bacelar. Acquired by the government of Pará, until 1870 housed the Royal Hospital and then went to the military. In 2001, the property was taken over by the state, which transformed it into a museum the following year. The institution is one of the few spaces for contemporary art in the Amazon. In its collection there are works by artists such as Meireles and Emmanuel Nassar, plus a large photo collection, with works by Miguel Rio Branco and Rosangela Renno. According to Para photographer Luiz Braga: "The museum has space limitations. Being a fallen building, you can not receive large installations of artists like Ernesto Neto and Tunga. In fact, Belém deserves more space dedicated to contemporary art. But it is obvious that it makes no sense to dismiss an institution, to build another, "he says.

internal space of the House of Eleven Windows Museum. Photo: Disclosure

The superintendent of IPHAN in Para Maria Dorotéa of Lima, also stands against the project: "It is a wrong decision. With so many abandoned buildings in the center of Bethlehem, just why choose this building in which the museum already works so well? "He asks. Dorotéa says the move is an example "of the executive branch inability to dialogue with the public and be transparent." Led by Simon Jatene, the PSDB, the government did not even notify the Iphan the decision. The staff learned that the museum would be dumped by the press. However, the agency needs to be aware of the movements because, as the building is listed, any change in its architecture must be approved. "It is not feasible today that any social impact of the project is done without consulting the population. The governor should be open to reconsider this measure and listen to society, "says Dorotéa.

For paraense photographer Rogério Assis, the museum's pouring is only part of a long process that seeks to exclude the poor from the center of Bethlehem. "The proposal of the Food Centre is part of a larger project gourmetização the capital, undertaken since the PSDB took over the state government. The city begins to be directed only to tourists and not the people that live there. This happened to the traditional Bologna Market Bethlehem, which has been renovated, and is now with the very high prices. People have more money to buy the place frequented a lifetime, "he says.

The state government has not yet ruled on the demonstrations and Alex Atala decision not to bid on the project. Meanwhile, sectors of civil society organized continue pressing for the museum to remain in the House of Eleven Windows.