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segunda-feira, 27 de julho de 2015

The museum was founded on 13 June 1997 by Resolution No. 704 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

The museum was opened for visitors 17 May 1998. The museum has two basic lines of activities: popularizing modern Belarusian and foreign arts and collection gathering; also modern art process studying in all its style variety, differing forms and trends, holding conferences and symposiums, open-airs and a number of other projects.

The museum fund consists of 3,665 items on 30 June 2012, compiled in 6 collections: painting, graphics, sculpture, applied arts, photography, and posters. The painting collection includes works of art of the most considerable and well-known Belarusian masters and artists of middle-aged and young generations. In the selection of graphic works, the museum tries to reflect all the spectrum of themes and interests of graphic artists who have defined the face of the Belarusian graphic school and also the works of the artists who are now at the top of their creative and who define the image of modern Belarusian graphic art. The sculptor artworks in the museum collection reflect modern lines of sculpture development. Applied arts are presented by tapestry, ceramics, art glass and leather, porcelain. The collection of photography is based on the series of photos of I. Savchenko, also by the works of the Association "Minsk" masters A. Tsekhanovich, A. Pavlyut, V. Zhuravkov and other Belarusian authors.

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