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domingo, 18 de outubro de 2015

Hydra’s Historic Archives and Museum, Hydra is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece,

The Historic Archives and Museum of Hydra (IAMY), supervised by the Ministry of Education, gathers and catalogs documents and artifacts related to Hydra, particularly the history, culture, and tradition of the island. 

Located on the eastern side of the port a short distance from the coastguard headquarters, this museum was originally given to the municipality in 1918 and later transferred to the Greek state by local ship owner Gikas Koulouras. The new two-storey facility, built in 1972, was officially opened in 1996 and houses the island’s historical archives.

Maintenance and improvement to the property are also made possible by a contribution from Hydra’s mayor, Dr. Antonios Lignos.

The ground floor houses an extensive library, a memorabilia collection from the Balkan Wars through to World War II, and archival materials. The first floor hosts an exhibition of costumes, weapons and a library, while the second floor documents the area’s key historical events.

One of the more curious items on display is the preserved heart of the great fighter and admiral Andreas Miaoulis.

Today the archive includes some 20,000 original manuscripts, codices books, and other historic rare documents and materials. The museum displays artifacts from national and Hydriot history and culture, as well as paintings by well-known artists. 

Founded in 1918, IAMYmoved to its current, specially constructed location in 1972.

Covering two floors, the museum displays, among other items, firearms, weapons, and artifacts from the Greek Revolution, Balkan Wars, and World Wars I and II, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century heirlooms, marine maps and nautical equipment, traditional dress and folk costumes, the figureheads of ships, and, perhaps somewhat ghoulishly, the embalmed heart of Admiral Andreas Miaoulis, Hydriot hero of the 1821 revolution. Lining the walls of the first floor and staircase are paintings by Greek and European artists.

Cultura e conhecimento são ingredientes essenciais para a sociedade.


The File Department catalogs and preserves all documents, both public and private, relating to Hydra’s history, civilization, and traditions from the time of Ottoman rule to the present. These files comprise a significant historical source of information about island and it’s importance during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. A rich library contains more than five thousand old and rare volumes, some dating to the early eighteenth century.

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