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domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2016

Anno museum is one of the largest museums in Norway. --- Anno museu é um dos maiores museus da Noruega.

It includes most of the museum campuses in Hedmark county – from individual buildings of local interest to museums of national importance. All together, the organization has a staff of 130, a collection of approximately 170,000 artifacts, some 4,3 million photographs (some of which are digitalized and available at a significant oral history collection, and some 250,000 visitors annually. 

The museum’s outdoor areas have about 500 historical buildings all told, forming the largest open-air museum in Norway. This includes the largest collectionof antiquarian buildings in the country. Guided by our vision «Know the past-involve thepresent«, we collect, conserve and display a wide range of Norwegian cultural and natural history, of local,regional, national and international significance.

Anno Museum is organized as a limited company, were Hedmark County is the biggest shareholder, holding 35 %. The eight consolidated museums have interestsranging from 3%to 12%.

“Know the past – involve the present”

Anno museum includes most of the museum campuses in Hedmark. Below you can see a presentation of our venues. In addition we are establishing a new Documentation Centre, which will include workshops for concervators and photograpers, artifacts storage facilities and offices.

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Cultura e conhecimento são ingredientes essenciais para a sociedade.

A cultura é o único antídoto que existe contra a ausência de amor.

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