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terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2016

Paintings of Armenian Life by Jean Baptiste Vanmour (1671 – 1737).

Jean Baptiste Vanmour was a Flemish-French painter, remembered for his detailed portrayal of life in the Ottoman Empire during the Tulip Era and the rule of Sultan Ahmed III. As such he has also captured Armenian life within the Ottoman empire of the era in some of his paintings bellow:
Armenian Wedding by Jean Baptiste Vanmour (1720 – 1737)

An Armenian wedding procession makes its way to the church. First are the musicians. They are followed by the bridegroom, accompanied by a young man with a sabre. Then come the groom’s father, priest, and women of the party, including the bride dressed in red. Candle bearers walk before the bride and the groom; the couple will keep the candles after the marriage.

source: The Dutch Imperial Museum (Rijksmuseum)
Party of Armenians Playing Cards, Jean Baptiste Vanmour (1720 – 1737)

Men and women while away the evening playing cards. The atmosphere is informal: the man in the foreground shows keen interest in his dining partner. As in Vanmour other ‘Turkish’ paintings, he accurately documented the details of the clothing, such as the fur-trimmed coats typically worn by Armenian men.

source: The Dutch Imperial Museum (Rijksmuseum)

The Conversation by Jean Baptiste Vanmour (1720 – 1737)

Here Vanmour displays an Armenian interior of women drinking coffee with an Armenian gentlemen. According to some source this painting is labeled “Armenian women drinking coffee in an interior”.

Armenian women embroidering by Jean Baptiste Vanmour (1720 – 1737)

Women embroidering in an interior. This painting is located in a museum in Istanbul (Turkey), there it is labeled simply as “Women embroidering”, however some sources describe it as “Armenian women embroidering”.

Jean Baptiste Vanmour had created several other paintings of Armenians from the Ottoman era, including an Armenian architect, a noblemen with his son etc… but I couldn’t find any high quality images of these paintings so I’m not going to share them here right now. Perhaps in the future when I’ve located better quality images of these painting I’ll make sure to share them with you!

fonte: @edisonmariotti #edisonmariotti

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