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quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2016

Nowadays style fantasy are becoming more and more popular among mature well-to-do people. --- Hoje em dia fantasia estilo estão se tornando cada vez mais popular entre os maduros bem-fazer as pessoas.

As an example , the most sensational filming for last years has become the epic saga “Game of Thrones” !

The world critics called it adult “Epic victory” . The first season got 80% of positive feedbacks , and the fifth one got 91% .

American publishing house “Bantam Books” is announcing an adult coloring book based on this work .

And the author of this novel , which was filmed , George Martin says : “ The most important thing is that all my heroes challenge people’s reaction ” . It seems that adults are missing some fairy - tales in their lives .

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colaboração: Nataliya Khala

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