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segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2016

Bowl with horse and horseman. MAO - Museo d'Arte Orientale, Turin

Developed in Nishapur, the so-called “animated buff-ware” production was characterized by a decoration obtained with liquid clays coloured with green, yellow, purple and manganese, applied on a buff-coloured surface and coated with transparent glaze. Among the decorations, highly influenced by Sasanid iconography, we find figures of horsemen and horses, hunting scenes, animals and birds with fantastic traits, in the midst of a space richly decorated.

Bowl with horse and horseman

10th century AD

Nishapur, Iran

4th century

Key-words: Ceramic, earthenware, splip, Samanid

Dynasties: Samanid

Dimensões físicas: w13.5 x h7.5 cm

Tipo: Vessels

All Rights Reserved - MAO - Museo d'Arte Orientale, Turin

Earthenware, underglaze polychrome slip decoration

fonte: @edisonmariotti #edisonmariotti

MAO - Museo d'Arte Orientale, Turin

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A cultura e o amor devem estar juntos.

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