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quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2015

Ptuj Regional Museum is a public institution that takes care of the cultural heritage in the Lower Drava region.

It consists of the archaeological, ethnological, cultural, educational, restoration and history units, a library, and an additional unit in Ormož. Each of the units takes care of the objects from its particular field of expertise, and also accepts visitors. Apart from taking essential care of the artefacts, the museum also makes the objects available to the public. 

In the permanent exhibition at Ptuj Castle you can see collections on feudal dwelling culture, arms, musical instruments, Shrovetide masks, glass paintings and the France Mihelič graphics collection. The Dominican monastery holds a numismatic collection, a collection of small archaeological finds, a Roman lapidary collection, the reconstructions of Mithraic temples II and V, as well as the medieval and the modern lapidary collections. 

On 37 Prešernova Street you can find an exhibition of Ptuj in the 20th century. The Velika Nedelja and the Ormož Castles hold temporary exhibitions. Ptuj Regional Museum also manages Mithraic temples I and III in Spodnja Hajdina and Zgornji Breg, while art exhibitions take place at the Mihelič Gallery with the France Mihelič graphics collection and Art Salon on Prešernova Street.


In the scope of the Museum, there are three workshops whose task is to protect and restore items belonging to the cultural heritage, as well as to survey climatic conditions in the Museum. The textile workshop has long been the only workshop in Slovenia capable of mending the fragile fabrics. In the 80s of the last century, the workshop started to work on precious tapestries kept in the Museum, boasting the richest collection of tapestries in Slovenia.

Metal workshop takes care of archaeological evidence, artefacts, weapons and armours, while another workshop deals with wooden furniture, artefacts and works of art made of wood.

In general, speaking of professional work, priority is given to the local museum items, although from time to time workshops accept to work as well on items belonging to private or other public institutions collections.

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