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quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2015

Imizu City Shinminato Museum

This museum displays materials and documents of the “ Koju-Bunko” (library) left by Ishiguro Nobuyoshi, a mathematician and a registered surveyor who was born in that is now Takagi, Shinminato City in the latter part of the Edo period and his descendants from four generations, works of Ishiguro Munehiro, a ceramic artist from kuguminato, Shinminato City and the first living national treasure, and historical and folk materials and documents of Shinminato City and the surrounding area. There is a surveying garden to the west of the museum and you can experience hands-on surveying in Ishiguro Nobuyoshi. This museum aims to be a museum where people can learn about difficult and deep things easily and pleasantly.

Imizu City Shinminato Museum

◆More than 12,000 articles historical materials including more than 3,700 national important cultural properties such as books concerned with Japanese mathematics, surveying, astronomy calendar and the art of navigation, drawings, surveying instruments and archives which passes on the family learning of four generations of the Ishiguro family

◆Elegant and unique ceramics, calligraphies, sketches and letters by Ishiguro Munehiro

◆Characteristic historical and folk materials and documents of Shinminato City nurtured by the sea and a lagoon, and the surrounding area

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