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terça-feira, 18 de agosto de 2015

National Art Museum of Ukraine - Victor A. Malinka - Ukrainian painter and graphic artist. Master watercolors and illustrator of children's books.

Victor A. Malinka studied at the graphics faculty of the Kiev State Art Institute. 

Since 1966 works art editor of publishing house "Youth" (Kyiv). Actively working with book publishers Ukraine.

- Artist's works are kept in National Art Museum of Ukraine, the State Museum of Books and Printing of Ukraine, Central State Archive of Literature and Arts of Ukraine, Sevastopol, Art Museum, Rostov Museum of Fine Arts, Novokakhovka Norilsk, Taganrog art galleries, Ivano-Frankivsk, Cherkasy Uman museum, gallery and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

National Art Museum - 1898.

The National Art Museum (also known as the museum of fine arts) is one of the largest and oldest museums in Kiev, Ukraine. For over a hundred years of its existence they have met their funds many important works of Ukrainian painting, sculpture and graphic arts, belonging to the period of time from the XII century to today.


The museum is a building that was built in neoclassical style in 1899 by Vladislav Gorodetsky, making it the first municipal museum in Kiev. The construction at a cost of 249 thousand rubles, 100 000 were provided by the state and the rest by the family of the patron Tereschenko.

The official opening of the museum was on 24 December 1904, and was named "Museum of Art, Industry and Science of Nicholas II of Russia".

In 1934 based on the museum and its collections was founded the National History Museum (now the National Museum of History of Ukraine). However, in 1954 the National Museum of History of Ukraine was moved to another site with very few items. Between 1967 - 1972 the building where the museum was rebuilt several times, allowing larger exhibition area.


The funds of the National Art Museum of Ukraine now contain about 40 thousand items, among which are the works of painting of Ukraine and some foreign countries. The museum contains the collection of icons of the country, ancient sculptures, portraits of the eighteenth century Cossacks and collections of folk paintings Cossack Mamai. The funds also contain punctures classic nineteenth century, paintings of Ukrainian avant-garde, etc.

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