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segunda-feira, 17 de agosto de 2015

The Museum of Art & Design, or MAD in short, was started in 2009 with the sole purpose of promoting and making art and design accessible to everyone.

Since then, it has succeeded as a place where people from all walks of life gather to discover, interact and be inspired by the art and design world.

An extraordinary Design fair for Asia slated for March 2015

DesignStage is intended to be a global forum on design which gathers the most influential and impactful designers, creative, collectors, galleries, curators, critics and industry people who are involved in the culture of design and commerce.

DesignStage is an international platform for design and the application of art aesthetics in our everyday life. As there are currently no such forums or fairs of its kind in Asia, it will be the first space wholly dedicated to gathering the world's most influential and promising creatives, creators, collectors, gallerists as well as critics to experience the best of design, culture and commerce.

DesignStage is intended to fill the need for our increasing appetite for beautiful things and decorative art. The show will curate the most exciting and ground breaking commercial work, design initiatives as well as collaborations with designers, innovators and institutions in areas of architecture, interior, antiques, vintage pieces and even jewellery. In this aspect and as a first mover, DesignStage hopes to establish itself as an important name that is synonymous with a strong advocate of high-end design in this region.

As the art world gets more intertwined with marketing hype and the business of investment, Jasmine Tay hopes that the Museum of Art & Design will stand apart from the rest by being a place that above everything else – genuinely prioritises the appreciation of art for the sake of art.

In only 5 years, Singapore's very first private museum has become a name often associated with the most refreshing line up of events and exhibitions that celebrate the best of art, design and life. The award-winning Museum of Art and Design (MAD) is centered greatly on making art accessible to the masses; educating, exciting and extending the world of art to people from all walks of life.

MAD continues to strive to be a nurturing space where ideas and new art concepts are generated and formed; an environment that is conductive to endless creativity and change. New, with a newer, much bigger and more exciting venue, there will be more opportunities for the regional art design scene to flourish.

In addition, with a cigar bar and a cafè, the Museum hopes to stand apart from the rest by providing not just a larger space that is art-centric but also a dynamic event venue. There is a special garden called Art of Sculpture for bigger art pieces as well as outdoor events to be easily held here. The Museum warmly welcomes collaboration and hopes to engage and enhance the visitor experience in different ways.

For those looking to host their events or launches, MAD is modular space of over 19,000 sq. ft. means an ease and flexibility to customise the right amount of space for any event. There will also be a comprehensive suite of services on offer to tailor to be different needs of each event in order to make it special and memorable.

From an intimate wedding, a business conference or a big show to launch a product, MAD can offer flexible and novel solutions for any party size and occasion.

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