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domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

The Yangon Drug Elimination Museum, Myanmar, is well worth visiting for its bizarre factor.

The huge three-storey building covers all facets of Myanmar’s own war on drugs, including the history of opium cultivation in Myanmar, operations launched against drug production, crop-replacement and economic development strategies in opium production regions, and education campaigns about the dangers of drugs.


Highlights are the quirky dioramas throughout the museum, random exhibits that require some interpretation as to how they fit in, and some morbid displays of the negative effects of drug use.


Entry for foreigners is $3. Camera fee is $5. Kyat is also accepted at a slightly unfavorable exchange rate.

An absolutely mind-blowing and utterly unique experience. There is literally nothing they haven’t thought of in this gigantic place, from extraordinary detail of what you can do when you’re not harvesting drugs (raise cows or pigs) to the horrors of being on drugs (a special room that you are taken to by the museum staff, with lots of weird lighting, scary music, and a big claw that pops out of the dark when at the push of a button).
Propaganda has never been so much fun!

Both the author and 1st reviewer of this post are clearly on drugs.
This “museum” is one of the most politically dubious institutions I have ever not come into direct contact with. Drugs are ubiquitous in society; good drugs and bad drugs, otherwise know by libertarians as not-so-good drugs.

In my view this is where the museum is itself antiquated. Let me set out my argument clearly and precisely below.

At this very moment in time, there are numerous “bad drugs” on the march into Myanmar, they being: salt, sugar, fat and alcohol. They are being smuggled into the country in cup noodles, potato chip packets, soft drinks, snack foods, processed foods, processed meats, fancy labelled top-shelf drinks and the like.

Let’s not joke around here folks these are big killers.

Salt related hypertension and cardiovascular disease, sugar related diabetes, obesity due to excess fat and alcohol induced cancers are no laughing matters.

They are a scourge, bringing misery and suffering to millions.

For this reason, I found this museum, which I haven’t been to, lacking. It needs to add a couple of stories before it gets my healthy tick of approval.

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