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sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2015

The San Jose Museum of Art is a distinguished museum of modern and contemporary art and a lively center of arts activity in Silicon Valley.

The leading institution in the area dedicated to the art of our time, SJMA is committed to providing access for its extraordinarily diverse populations and to pioneering new approaches to interpretation.

Established in 1969, SJMA presents art ranging from modern masterpieces to recent works by young, emerging artists. The Museum’s permanent collection—1,400 varied artworks from the 20th and 21st centuries—has a special focus on West Coast art, seen in a national and international context.

SJMA is accredited by the American Association of Museums, a recognition given to just 750 of the nation’s 8,000 museums. A public benefit 501(c)3 organization located on the central city plaza in downtown San Jose, SJMA serves 100,000 people a year, including 37,000 school children: SJMA is the largest provider of arts education in Santa Clara County. Initiatives such as the award-winning school program Let’s Look at Art Program and SJMA’s participatory activity stations in the galleries further distinguish the Museum as an innovator in museum education.

In 1969—during an era of peace, love, and tie-dye culture—a small group of San Jose citizens gathered together to transform the beautiful old library (threatened with demolition) into a fledgling art gallery. The democratic, grassroots spirit of this community movement has forever shaped the character of the San Jose Museum of Art, which remains dedicated to inclusivity, new thinking, and visionary ideals. In contrast to older museums often founded upon the riches of a few patrons, the soul of the SJMA reflects the hard work and civic pride of multitudes of supporters and volunteers over the years—of its public.

From the days of flower power to the dawn of the digital world, SJMA has continued to evolve with the times. In 1991, a handsome new wing was added to the landmark 19th-century building, making way for a growing permanent art collection, impressive international exhibitions, and an ambitious mission that bridges tradition and innovation. SJMA offers experiences that delight and engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Here, art nurtures life: it is a vision that connects minds and hearts.

Atmosphere matters. Whether you are hosting a once-in-a-lifetime celebration with your closest family and friends or putting together a critical meeting of collegial minds, you want a place that is inspired and inspiring. Host your event at SJMA. Your guests will be delighted from the moment they receive the invitation and will enjoy mingling with each other among the art. We have daytime space available, as well as more extensive offerings for special evening events. SJMA can accommodate from 20 to 1,200 guests inside the Museum and up to 3,000 people in combination with the Plaza outside. Whatever the occasion, provide the most creative and least conventional surroundings San Jose has to offer, the elegant and welcoming spaces of SJMA.

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