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domingo, 15 de novembro de 2015

Victoria and Albert Museum. The world's leading museum of art and design. Japanese Art & Design - Motifs & symbols: plants & flowers

As the world's leading museum of art and design, the V&A enriches people's lives by promoting the practice of design and increasing knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the designed world.

Japanese Art & Design

Images used to decorate Japanese artefacts are often wonderfully simple and effective communicators of meaning. The images are usually not meant to be realistic, and may not even be in lifelike colours: flowers may be reduced to bare essentials, maybe as little as five petal shapes joined to a central circle.

Saucer with peony design, Japan

Japan (Arita)
1700 - 1720
Porcelain with Imari style decoration in underglaze blue & overglaze, enamels & gilt

A pale blue saucer, decorated in blue and red enamel and gilt with pairs of quails in petal shaped compartments separated by sprays of flowers. The middle of the saucer has a spary of peony within a blue & gilt band of Japanese cloud pattern and the rim is decorated with a band of blue & gilt diaper. The peony, known as the 'flower of twenty days' because of its short blooming season, was particularly favoured by the nobility as it was considered a symbol of prosperity, happiness, love and affection.

Cultura e conhecimento são ingredientes essenciais para a sociedade.

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