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domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2016

Museum in Globasnitz.. Church on Hemmaberg.

The Community church of the Roman Catholic population with a high chancel and a bench for priests served for mass celebrations. Over an area of 140 square metres, the church floor was covered by five-coloured mosaics with ornaments and birds pictures (today exhibited in the Archaeological Museum in Globasnitz). This is the largest mosaic surface deriving from the early Christian period in Austria. The church hall is linked with a sacristy, a cistern and anteroom for the non-baptized people.

The Hemmaberg with its striking cliffs is visible well into the Jaun Valley. Find out more about the archaeological excavations, the pilgrimages, the St. Rosalia grotto and its ecclesiastical significance here.

church on Hemmaberg

The Hemmaberg is an elongated mountain ridge (843 metres) which falls steeply towards the north (mountain viewing point with a view into the Jaun Valley and to the Saualpe). A short walk from the car park takes you to a plateau just beneath the summit, where since 1978 one of the most impressive pilgrim shrines from late antiquity in Central Europe has been excavated, with a total of five churches and the associated hospice and living areas dating from the 5th to 6th centuries. 

The site of the excavations is freely accessible. The mosaics and small finds are on display in the Hemmaberg Juenna Archaeological Pilgrimage 

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