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quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2016

HAI PHONG CITY MUSEUM, 11 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam.

Established in 1959 in an Imposing trong French colonial building, this city contains a range of museum displays relating to Hai Phong và environs. 

Exhibition rooms on the ground floor feature natural history and geology, prehistory, the University Vietnam era (Including a special display on the Bach Dang River Historical Area) and the evolution of the Revolutionary movement the late colonial period khi. The first floor Brings up to date with the story on shipping Exhibitions, Agriculture, fishing and industry, plus a special room featuring arts, culture and media in Haiphong. Side rooms display from visiting the foreign Delegations gifts to local officials, and a small party area for touring Exhibitions temporary display. 

The museum functions as the Municipal Government office responsible for conservation and museums under the professional development of the National Cultural Heritage guidance Department of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Hanoi.

About Hai Phong

Hai Phong is a port and industrial city in northern Vietnam and is a coastal city in northern coastal areas, was one of 28 provinces / cities coast. 

Hai Phong is one of five central cities and an urban center of a national level, the third largest city of Vietnam, has an important position in economic and social security, national the regional office and country. As a port city and the main gateway of our country's vital sea, is an important traffic hub of key economic region of Tonkin, on two corridors - one economic cooperation belt Vietnam - China. Haiphong is a traffic hub in the North Sea. 

With the advantage of deep-water port should be shipping very developed, and is one of the growth of key economic areas north. As the economic center - scientific - technical synthesis of the northern coastal region and is one of the central development of the northern key economic region and the whole country. (Decision 1448 / QD-dated 16 / 9 / 2009 of the Prime Minister). According to the census date of 1/4/2009, the population of Haiphong is 1,837,302, of which the urban population accounted for 46.1% 847,058 people, 990,244 of the rural population accounts for 53.9%.

Cultura e conhecimento são ingredientes essenciais para a sociedade.

A cultura é o único antídoto que existe contra a ausência de amor.

Vamos compartilhar.

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