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domingo, 3 de abril de 2016

Livrustkammaren och Skoklosters slott med Stiftelsen Hallwylska museet

The three museums the Royal Armoury, Skokloster Castle and The Hallwyl Museum constitute a government agency, accountable to the Ministry of Culture. The a government agency is headed by a Director General.

The museums base their work on a national cultural policy resolution enacted by the Swedish Parliament.

In addition to the three museums, the government agency has a administrative office, a communications department, a collections department and the digital museum department, which work on behalf of the entire government agency.

Digital access

Digital developments bring entirely new opportunities for cultural heritage institutions to offer citizens and researchers access to cultural heritage.

It is now possible to search the museums’ collections both on our website and through The Swedish National Heritage Board's web service. During the year, we have successfully completed a large project with the aim of creating a shared database for the three museums. The collections, including 28,000 pictures, are now available online.

With the support of the Swedish National Heritage Board, th government agency has also supplied information to the Swedish Open Cultural Heritage web service. From this service, data can be accessed by applications such as and the European search portal Europeana. As a result, information about the museums’ collections can be made available to researchers and interested private individuals both inside and outside Sweden.

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Cultura e conhecimento são ingredientes essenciais para a sociedade.

A cultura é o único antídoto que existe contra a ausência de amor.

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