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terça-feira, 21 de julho de 2015

The Living Art Museum is a non-profit artist-run organisation founded in 1978 when two local artists, Níels Hafstein and Magnús Pálsson, called for an open meeting of artists to discuss the current situation in Icelandic cultural politics.

The founders of Nýló were a diverse group of artists at various stages of their carriers; some had been members of the SÚM movement and some were still art students. In Icelandic, the museum is called Nýlistasafnið which can refer to either the museum being new or being a venue for a new kind of art. This was a direct parody of the National Gallery of Iceland that was the only museum collecting and exhibiting art in Reykjavík at the time.

The Living Art Museum was founded as a non-political institution, but with a pronounced engagement in issues concerning society and cultural politics. The main purpose of founding a new contemporary art museum in Reykjavik at the time was to establish and introduce contemporary art within the local culture scene. The Living Art Museum has functioned as a forum of possibilities for both art and reflections on society. The intention has been to explore various modes of production and display in order to create different forms of encounter between audiences and art.

Over the last 35 years, Nýló has offered a varied programme that has extended beyond art exhibitions, including performances, film and video screenings, live music, lectures and symposiums, poetry readings, and theatre.

Since its foundation the Living Art Museum has been an important forum in the Icelandic art community for introducing, reflecting, and debating the role of contemporary art.

The museum aim is to:
•promote critical discourse and progressive practice in the field of visual art
•encourage and support emerging artists
•collect and preserve the work of artists who are part of the museum’s history
•collect and preserve documents and data related to the museum’s history and collection
•collect and preserve documents relating to the parallel history of visual art, focusing on artist initiatives and performance art in Iceland
•continuously review its own institutional direction

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