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sábado, 10 de outubro de 2015

Amber Museum - Rivne, Ukraine

The museum is open at the basis of Rivne amber factory (the only company of its kind in the country) and placed in the House of Scientists, which itself is a kind of masterpiece of the beginning of the XX century. 

Among the exhibits there are pieces of amber under 40 million years old, which were found in the Rivne region. In addition to the stones themselves, you can see the decorations are made with its use. Among the collection is a disc amulet 2,500 years old, which considered the oldest amber decoration in Ukraine. There is also a wild amber stone weighing 2 kg, but the most valuable exhibits are those stones, which can be seen fossilized insects.

The Amber Museum in Rivne region has opened to the public. The museum at the Amber of Ukraine public enterprise was established long ago. But only official delegations could attend it. Nowadays the museum of the 'sun stone' is removed outside the entity, making it available for public and with no admission fee.

Oleksy Hubanov, Deputy Head of the Regional Administration, at the official opening ceremony stressed that it is the first signs that will make a Rivne region unique amber treasure popular. Implementation of other image projects is scheduled for the coming future. They have been kept in secret so far.

The experts of the enterprise are ready to hold excursions, showing visitors both ancient and modern jewelries, which are offered for sale.

West Ukraine's Rivne region is the only one in the country which has amber deposits, those discovered make up 210 tons and those promising amounts to 1,400 tons.

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