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terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2016

History Vietnam flute. --- Lịch sử sáo trúc Việt Nam. --- História flauta Vietnam

Bamboo flute is called a wind instrument, spend a little dome of the Vietnamese people. Particularly popular in rural Vietnam.

A flute made of bamboo pipes, or cork with a length of 40 - 55cm, diameter of 1.5 - 2cm. At the end of the tube with a hole oval hole that is blowing. In the heart are blocked near the blow hole with a piece of soft wood cork or low altitude to adjust as needed screaming. Aligned with the holes drilled 6 holes blown click, click first hole blow hole 12cm, press the remaining holes evenly spaced (1cm). Open toe in 6 holes gradually we will have the negative press DO1, re1, MI1, FA1, Sol1, La1, SI1, DO2. The rear end has a hole flute tap is not the sound hole.

When the flute, flute body across to the right place, put his mouth to blow holes. Flute players can adjust the flow of vapor (steam pouring sugar slightly weak and the weak go slowly, pour a little too hard to go fast and hard the road). Flute are often used for solo, ensemble in the orchestra opera, theater writer, elementary music.

By the late '70s, the artist Ngo Dinh Thin and South have improved flute flute 6 holes of 10 holes to expand the pitch, for the works of artists playing relatively easier as "Call of Spring" Dinh Thin, "the Country" by Hoang Dam, "flute of Cats" by Ngoc Phan ...

Flute Vietnam

If art is highly skeptical u reach the flute is a means by which we easily confess that lap. Vietnam least flute. I said flute Vietnam because that western flute is made complicated, but there are a lot of fertilizer to blow up, I do not hear the sound sad, graceful as flute Vietnam.

Did the Vietnamese flute with primitive simple structure, reflects the quiet soul of a nostalgic many small, weak nation whose history is a series of arduous struggle, the long-term nature and the extreme foreign aggression, humiliation lengthy pain that glory is short.

Flute rang out as I saw my home, loved, bamboo shore first memory lane, remember dusty backyard banana, Trade Me dear memories, remember when cheerful and warm days of suffering, tears. Flute suggests childhood up, flute painted moon nights, flute evocation unfinished romances, flute as we stick with the motherland. Oil is not used by the hands of skilled musicians, flute sounded summer afternoon from about co windy locations hear melodious stars still vague melancholy.

Flute arise where no one knows. Those who do not, or blowing. There may be a farmer man, under the shade tree or a buffalo herdsman on his melodious tune is released under hovering clouds. East Asia melancholy soul withered but easily lifted from bamboo flutes, flute of Vietnam, India, China, Japan or of the islets Aboriginal Pacific coast but not the western flute realizable.

Pure fisherman rowing on the river, full of coastal reed, reed tube with a pen hands, gouged the immediate availability of a six-hole flute for attuned to the voice flow nuwoc, cheep. The woodcutter into the forest, cut down a bamboo pipe, carved six holes are already blowing up the sound of spring reverb like rings, sheets and thousands want to echo singing of sacred forests.

Flute player went to the heart of creation, nature and express our heart speaks through rudimentary instruments, his heart is deep but confused young pitcher flute, only six holes but ingenious how, listen like crying like coal, while the phoenix spreading wings frolicking in the moonlit night, as late thanhd rain drainage, such as birds singing, as draughty as the grace cooing voice, like honey poured ears so pleased someone spread in space, sent about every direction.

Indeed, there is no sound of the sonorous instrument, as far as limpid, as vague. Players above bending vibration motor keys by hand tendon. Flautist beyond the ten fingers, and use your breath to create sound. Flute close to authentic human voice is the sound it pleased. Architecture fills breath, hands shaped her breath to the sound of life.

Flute exist with literature, history books, it's flute Kuai Zhang Liang mountains captivate Statistics has eight thousand troops Martial classes, is flute wild barbarians Khuong withered, is known inflammatory architecture of Ly Cao Translation Cards plaintive shores, as in poetry song Ly Mai Hoa Lac transparency, flute emerged for apricot sadly enough that fall filled courtyard ...

Returning to homeland Vietnam, flute sound is intimate, closest to the Vietnamese soul. No one heard the flute without pay back. Playing the flute does not take much money, nor cumbersome inconvenience. Anywhere, the Council, in the woods, on the beach, in the hotel auditorium, just lift up the flute is attractive enough listeners.

Flute easy but said blowing is an art. Some talented genius windfall but sometimes just the result of patience, which should rehearse. You just blow away, hard to practice, all the passion put into it, you will succeed, it's no wonder at all.

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